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Q: How long are the band's sets? A: Sets range depending on the line-up of the evening’s events.
Q: Does the band provide music for the ceremony/cocktail hour/band breaks? A: Yes.
Q: Can we provide the break music? A: Yes.
Q: Does the band have a songlist? A: Yes.
Q: Will the band learn songs? A: Yes, the band will learn one song for your big day. This is generally reserved for the first dance. The band can also play the original recording through an iPod, if you prefer.
Q: How long does the band need to set up? A: About two hours.
Q: Does the band require a stage? A: For an inside event, the band does not require a stage, but they do for events that are held outdoors.
Q: How does the band dress? A: Yachty semi-formal and suits are available, upon request.
Q: Will the band make announcements/act as an MC? A: Yes.
Q: Does the band need food and drinks? A: Yes, the specifics of this can be found on the band’s rider, which you will receive upon going to contract.


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