The Neon Queen

Imagine a retro future full of bright lights, 80s synth beats, modern pop mashups, soaring female fronted vocals and the incredible songs of ABBA. The Neon Queen will take you there! Our high-energy shows invite the audience to dance and sing along to some of the greatest pop songs of all time reinvented for a… Read more »

ATL Groomsmen

The ATL Groomsmen are an Atlanta based premier music group whose live shows will enhance your wedding reception, private party or corporate event. This band of seasoned musicians brings years of experience to an alluring setlist that has entertained countless satisfied clients over the past decade including: Proof of the Pudding, Ford Fry Restaurant Group,… Read more »

Band X

Band X is a high-energy group of talented musicians and lead singers dedicated to providing interactive live entertainment. Looking for adrenaline-charged show bands and things to do in Atlanta, or anywhere? Band X is Atlanta’s Best Party Rock Band and just might be the foremost entertainers for Atlanta events and east coast entertainment on the… Read more »

Questionable at Best

“We’re not your typical cover band” is probably something that all cover bands say, so we won’t put it in our bio. Okay, other than right then, when we just did. Instead, let’s focus on who we ARE. We are five experienced and motivated musicians who love nothing more than playing live music for people… Read more »

Michael Magno

Somewhere in the definition, Michael Magno inherited the drive to become a serious singer/songwriter. Spoon-fed his influences by radio-loving parents, Michael wrote his first song at age 14 and never looked back. By today’s standards, you can compare him to such contemporaries as Bruno Mars and One Republic, with a smooth vocal reminiscent of Sting… Read more »


Siblings Sean and Sami Michelsen have been writing and performing music together for over a decade. When they created Alchemy in 2012, the duo set out to challenge many of the norms in the music industry, and began bending the rules of playing “genre specific" tunes. With an extremely diverse set list, The Michelsen” showcase… Read more »

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[["Yacht’s Landing","https:\/\/\/tribute\/yachts-landing\/"],["The Neon Queen","https:\/\/\/tribute\/the-neon-queen\/"],["ATL Groomsmen","https:\/\/\/tribute\/atl-groomsmen\/"],["Ladies of 60s Soul","https:\/\/\/tribute\/ladies-of-60s-soul\/"],["Band X","https:\/\/\/tribute\/band-x\/"],["Django Earnhardt","https:\/\/\/tribute\/django-earnhardt\/"],["Coyote Anyway","https:\/\/\/tribute\/coyote-anyway\/"],["DJ Mp3Po","https:\/\/\/tribute\/dj-mp3po\/"],["DJ RaeTone","https:\/\/\/tribute\/dj-raetone\/"],["The Mar-Tans","https:\/\/\/tribute\/the-mar-tans\/"],["Wren and the Wravens","https:\/\/\/tribute\/wren-and-the-wravens\/"],["Sailing to Denver","https:\/\/\/tribute\/sailing-to-denver\/"],["Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics","https:\/\/\/tribute\/ruby-velle-and-the-soulphonics\/"],["Questionable at Best","https:\/\/\/tribute\/questionable-at-best\/"],["Michael Magno","https:\/\/\/tribute\/michael-mango\/"],["Lilac Wine","https:\/\/\/tribute\/lilac-wine\/"],["Heather Luttrell","https:\/\/\/tribute\/heather-luttrell-and-the-possumden\/"],["Georgia Mountain Stringband","https:\/\/\/tribute\/georgia-mountain-string-band\/"],["Elegant Bachelors","https:\/\/\/tribute\/elegant-bachelors\/"],["The Bonaventure Quartet","https:\/\/\/tribute\/the-bonaventure-quartet\/"],["Battlefield Collective","https:\/\/\/tribute\/battlefield-collective\/"],["Alchemy","https:\/\/\/tribute\/alchemy\/"],["Atlanta Funk Society","https:\/\/\/tribute\/atlanta-funk-society\/"],["Moontower","https:\/\/\/tribute\/moontower\/"],["Space Capone","https:\/\/\/tribute\/space-capone\/"],["The Galavanters","https:\/\/\/tribute\/the-galavanters\/"],["Alex Gordon Hi-Fi","https:\/\/\/tribute\/alex-gordon-hi-fi\/"],["Blair Crimmins and The Hookers","https:\/\/\/tribute\/blair-crimmins-and-the-hookers\/"],["Lauren Morrow","https:\/\/\/tribute\/lauren-morrow\/"],["Please PleaseRock Me","https:\/\/\/tribute\/please-pleaserock-me\/"],["PleaseRock DJ’s","https:\/\/\/tribute\/pleaserock-djs\/"],["Members Only","https:\/\/\/tribute\/members-only\/"],["The After Party","https:\/\/\/tribute\/the-after-party\/"],["Yacht Rock Schooner\u2122","https:\/\/\/tribute\/yacht-rock-schooner\/"],["Yacht Rock Revue\u2122","https:\/\/\/tribute\/yacht-rock-revue\/"],["Saved by the Band\u2122","https:\/\/\/tribute\/saved-by-the-band\/"]]