What Our Customers Are Saying

We're pretty awesome. But don't take our word for it. Here are a few kind words from our clients.

"I just wanted to say that Yacht Rock Schooner was AMAZING!! We had SUCH a fun time at our wedding, and everyone was raving about the band! "

Jessica N.

"I absolutely loved working with Yacht Rock Schooner. The band was so professional, & more than flexible & obliging with the schedule. The attendees seemed to enjoy the the music until the bitter end. "

Maddie S. -Event Coordinator

"I’ve never seen wedding guests demand an encore from a wedding band-so fun! Everyone was rocking on the dance floor! The music was next level! We’ve had SO many complements on The After Party! "

Tracy & Lindsay C

"We were extremely impressed by The After Party. They made the wedding everything we wanted & more. All of our guests loved the band-they played an excellent variety of music & did a fantastic job. "


"YRR is so talented & kept the party going. No one, including myself, got off the dance floor. We had so much fun dancing in fact, that I forgot to throw the bouquet & do the garter toss! "

Sarah B.

"We’ll definitely continue to follow the group, and of course, will recommend and/or inquire about booking YYR for any future events! Y’all are awesome! Thank you for such a wonderful wedding! "

Sarah B.

"We had a fabulous time! Everyone loved the band – they really kept the night going! "

Chelsea S.

"The band was loved by all!!!! "

Stephanie M.

"Thank you for being so accommodating, it really was a perfect day. My husband & I had so much fun…people are still calling me about the band. I will forever be a fan & an outspoken one at that. "

Ashley N.

"Yacht Rock Schooner was fabulous. I can’t wait to book them again soon! "

Kathryn B.

"I just wanted to let you (and the guys) know that the party was a HUGE hit because of Yacht Rock!!! Thank you for all of your help! "

Keri R.

"YRR was wonderful! People are still talking about them. They were exactly what the doctor ordered, & are a tremendous part of why I’m still getting compliments about the event. Thank you so much! "

Elizabeth E.

"I just can’t thank you all enough for such a fun party. The guys are SO much fun & so personable, as well as a great band. Everyone thought that they were hilarious & just awesome! Best party yet! "

Sue K.

"Band was absolutely killer. everyone loved them and I recommended them to a friend who is planning a large event. Please pass along my huge thank you’s to everyone. "

Kris Z.

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[["The Neon Queen","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/the-neon-queen\/"],["ATL Groomsmen","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/atl-groomsmen\/"],["Ladies of 60s Soul","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/ladies-of-60s-soul\/"],["Band X","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/band-x\/"],["Django Earnhardt","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/django-earnhardt\/"],["Coyote Anyway","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/coyote-anyway\/"],["DJ Mp3Po","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/dj-mp3po\/"],["DJ RaeTone","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/dj-raetone\/"],["The Mar-Tans","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/the-mar-tans\/"],["Wren and the Wravens","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/wren-and-the-wravens\/"],["Sailing to Denver","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/sailing-to-denver\/"],["Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/ruby-velle-and-the-soulphonics\/"],["Questionable at Best","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/questionable-at-best\/"],["Michael Magno","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/michael-mango\/"],["Lilac Wine","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/lilac-wine\/"],["Heather Luttrell","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/heather-luttrell-and-the-possumden\/"],["Georgia Mountain Stringband","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/georgia-mountain-string-band\/"],["Elegant Bachelors","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/elegant-bachelors\/"],["The Bonaventure Quartet","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/the-bonaventure-quartet\/"],["Battlefield Collective","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/battlefield-collective\/"],["Alchemy","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/alchemy\/"],["Atlanta Funk Society","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/atlanta-funk-society\/"],["Moontower","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/moontower\/"],["Space Capone","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/space-capone\/"],["The Galavanters","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/the-galavanters\/"],["Alex Gordon Hi-Fi","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/alex-gordon-hi-fi\/"],["Blair Crimmins and The Hookers","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/blair-crimmins-and-the-hookers\/"],["The Whiskey Gentry","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/the-whiskey-gentry\/"],["Please PleaseRock Me","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/please-pleaserock-me\/"],["PleaseRock DJ’s","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/pleaserock-djs\/"],["Members Only","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/members-only\/"],["The After Party","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/the-after-party\/"],["Yacht Rock Schooner\u2122","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/yacht-rock-schooner\/"],["Yacht Rock Revue\u2122","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/yacht-rock-revue\/"],["Saved by the Band\u2122","https:\/\/pleaserock.com\/tribute\/saved-by-the-band\/"]]