About Coyote Anyway

A Coyote chorus howls against a fading summer swelter. The mellow jangle of rusty strings picked with a fierce intuition, refreshing like a crisp cold brew on a hot day. Coyote Anyway makes music like that. Both fresh and familiar. With a tip of the hat to a hundred years of American music, their sound is informed by classic wax from both sides of the tracks. A lazy country shuffle, a touch Bo Diddley flavored mambo, a  few barnburner blues romps. Maybe when the lights go lower and the bar is filling,  they turn up a bit and this potent blend sounds a bit like Rock & Roll, the way your grandpappy thought of it.

The story of Coyote Anyway is a long road with many forks. Comprised of Dave Kirslis , Matt Garrison, Zeke Sayer and Matthew Pendrick, the group has roots that run deep. All born and raised in Georgia, the members of this coyote collective have steeped in the rich music culture of the south, and digested its potent tonic to heart. It’s the sound of old friends coming together to play what comes naturally and what feels good. Over the years they have shared a thousand stages with some of the best around. “A real appreciation for tradition doesn’t mean you must be tied to the past…really it’s freeing. To use those sounds and ideas as spring board to our own twist on it, not unlike the way any one of our heroes did in their day.”

“Every member of this group is doing really great things on their own and with other projects and such,” says Pendrick. “I think that’s part of what makes it so fun. There’s a lot of mutual respect for each other as players and writers, so when we have a chance to get together, there’s a genuine excitement that comes from being in such good company.” Audiences around the South who have been privy to the band’s live set have said much the same. Toes get to tappin. Hearts get to bumping. Everybody have a real good time.

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